If Words Were Moves…

Dear Visitors!

I am truly happy for anyone who has ever encountered this page, as the video you are going to witness is the masterpiece showcasing the power, the significance and the true value of “The Movement”.

As all of us are unique human beings featuring unrepeatable and special genes within our DNA which make us perceive, feel and see identical things differently, I am not going to impose my impressions formed by the following video, especially prior to You watching it yourself.

However, being a Dancer myself, the only thing I will mention is that the following piece of art has the power to put you in trance while changing the way you think about dancing, transforming the reasons why you love dancing or arousing the desire to start dancing, all of which can be achieved by presenting you what our World would look like…

…if words were moves…

Brilliant! Crystal PITE's, The Statement, Nederlands Dans Theater. This is so completely relevant right now… WATCH!

Posted by Darrius LeGrand Gray II on Thursday, May 28, 2020
“The Statement” – Nederlands Dans Theater at the Kennedy Center
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